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Your Favorite Celebrity Hairstyle On Your Face
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Celebrity Hairstyles

Trends in hairstyles usually make their debut in Hollywood, where stars are either held up as fashionistas or fashion victims.

Hollywood celebrities change their hairstyles as frequently as the rest of us do our laundry. Blonde one week, brunette the next, celebrity hairstyle tastes are fickle, but it doesn’t stop women around the world from copying the much-photographed looks they admire.

Here’s a list of 10 hottest celebrity hairstyles seen in and around Hollywood. Which ones best suit you?

1. Shaggy Flips with Long Bangs

Celebrity Hairstyle: Singer Alanis Morissette, sounding strong on her most recent album, So-Called Chaos.

Morissette has come a long way from her grungy Jagged Little Pill days. She now sports a mature shaggy flip, with long bangs precisely thinned by a celebrity stylist’s razor. Bangs should not be cut straight across—rather, longer on the sides and angled toward the cheeks. Create a soft “back flip” with a large-barrel curling iron, a round brush and holding spray.

2. High-Volume Spiral Curls

Celebrity Hairstyle: Angela Bassett, now seen in Mr. 3000, a baseball-themed comedy starring Bernie Mac (opens Sept. 17), and The Lazarus Child, a drama now in production.

The usually sleekly coiffed Bassett's chosen celebrity hairstyle is a soft, round, just-above-the-shoulder spray of loose spiral curls. The emphasis is on volume, without being overwhelming or over-styled. Curls should be individually separated with the fingers for definition.

Celebrity Hairstyle 3 - Halle Berry
Soft, flowing, shoulder-length curls

3. Long, Wavy Curls

Celebrity Hairstyle: Halle Berry sporting her new hairstyle, now in production on The Guide, a thriller in which she possesses psychic powers, and the crime drama Foxy Brown—both scheduled for release next year.

The pre-Catwoman short hairstyle is long gone, and Berry is modeling soft, flowing, shoulder-length curls—one of the most talked-about celebrity hairstyle metamorphoses in Hollywood. She wowed the crowd at the recent MTV Movie Awards when she took her hairstyle to the next level with with extra wavy curls. To create your own celebrity hairstyle with out the celebrity price tag, use a moisturizing shampoo, which curls will drink up. Make sure your styling spray fights frizz.

4. Two-Toned Blonde

Celebrity Hairstyles: Our number 4 hottest celebrity hairstyle is sported by two equally stunning Hollywood celebrities Glenn Close, who just appeared in the updated version of The Stepford Wives, and Sharon Stone, who recently tried to kick Halle Berry’s tail in Catwoman.

Instead of a single blonde hue, Close mixes light and dark blonde shades, which complement her short, layered cut. It keeps her look youthful, and any stray grays blend in without being noticed.

Stone’s spiky crop has become her trademark celebrity hairstyle — deliberately disheveled, with barely-there choppy bangs and ear-revealing sides. To create Stone’s hairstyle, you’ll first need to get her cut. Then, use a volumizing spray and blow-dry with a diffuser attachment, using your spare hand to manipulate individual pieces to achieve the perfect “celebrity mess.”

5. Sleek and Straight

Celebrity Hairstyle: Jada Pinkett Smith, now seen with Tom Cruise in Collateral.

Mrs. Will Smith has gone from a close-as-it-comes crop and funky dreadlocks to long, straight celebrity status hairstyle, with a trademark side part. To create your own Celebrity look, accentuate the hairstyle with extra-long chandelier earrings.

6. Brilliant Brunette

Celebrity Hairstyle: Catherine Zeta-Jones, who just wrapped shooting of Ocean’s 12 with George Clooney and Brad Pitt; now filming The Legend of Zorro with Antonio Banderas, for release next year.

Instead of over-lightening her long brunette tresses, Zeta-Jones colors her hair a luminous shade of espresso, which brings out the natural beauty of her fair skin and iridescent eyes. Her makeup has also become more sophisticated, as she trades bright red lips for medium earthy shades and toned-down eyeliner. Her hairstyles length allows for extreme styling versatility, as demonstrated by her captivating wedding-day topknot.

7. Retro Chic

Celebrity Hairstyle: Scarlett Johansson, of The Girl with the Pearl Earring fame, now in production on The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie (animated) and Woody Allen’s untitled new film, set for release next year.

Reminiscent of the 1920s celebrity, Johansson has been seen of late with a bevy of fingerwaves and a severe, yet fetching, three-quarter part hairstyle. Set hair with perm rods to create a crown full of curls. Using a high-quality setting lotion, use your fingers to sculpt fingerwaves. Lightly run a comb through the hair to add texture. Spray with an oil-based mist for extra shine and with a little magic create your very own Scarlett Johansson celebrity hairstyle.

8. The Edgy Bob

Celebrity Hairstyle: Tonya Lee Williams, now seen on CBS’ The Young and the Restless.

The classic bob has a new-millennium update, with breezy layers sliced by a stylist’s razor. The hairstyle is maintained with setting lotion and a curling iron. Spiky ends are turned outward for an ultra-feminine celebrity hairstyle.

9. Hair Jewelry

Celebrity Hairstyle: Mariska Hargitay, now seen on NBC’s Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

Newlywed Hargitay has been pinning back her highlighted hair with diamond-studded barrettes. Hollywood’s A-list is partial to butterfly motifs, in particular. In addition to barrettes, silk-covered bobby pins, hair gems and jeweled combs are finding their way into more and more celebrity hairstyles.

10. Blonde Highlights on African-Americans

Celebrity Hairstyle: Eve, rap singer, celebrity, star of the one-word sitcom bearing her name, and currently appearing in the raucous comedy, The Cookout.

Eve loves blonde hairstyles at any length, and she’s currently styling a layered, below-the-shoulder look, accented by perfectly blended bangs. Her highlights are multi-tonal, reducing the harshness of single-toned highlights on dark hair.

Check out how you would look adorning your favorite celebrity hairstyle.  Preview before you take the leap with the latest technology in hair and facial imagery, simply upload 2 photos and see the wild and daring look of your favorite celebrity hairstyles will compliment your facial features. Click HERE to check it out Today!

With the resources at your fingertips nowaday, it is easily to find and copy your favorite celebrity hairstyle. Whether it's Jennifer Aniston sedu hairstyles, or Halle Berry curls. Find your favorite celebrity pic, try it out on your face with virtual hairstyle technology, and take the plunge and let your favorite hairstylist give you a magic hairstyle makeover.

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