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Hair Makeovers

Stellure makes it easy to upload a photo and try out different virtual hairstyles. For best results, follow these photography tips.

“I love photo sessions,” Czech supermodel Eva Herzigova once stated. “I'm alone, I'm the queen, everyone’s taking care of me.”

You’ll understand how Eva feels when you choose a hairstyle from one of thousands in the Stellure catalogue and apply it to your face. You can preview any style from the front, back or sides—in fact, any angle within the full 360° radius.

Here’s how it works: When you purchase a one-year “Reflect Membership” at Stellure, you will need to upload two photos of yourself—one facing forward, one profile—so computer-graphics experts can create a 3D model of your face. Within 48 hours, your model will be completed, and you’ll be ready to go, with unlimited access to thousands of virtual hairstyles. As soon as you find styles you like, you can store them in an online library or print out photos to take to your hairstylist.

It’s important, however, to follow a few simple rules to be “picture perfect.”

Option 1: Digital Camera

First, all photos must be digital. If you have access to a digital camera, ask a friend or relative to snap several photos of you. This allows you to select the best one from those taken.

Alert the photographer that your face must be at least 500 pixels high. The lowest setting on a digital camera is typically 640 x 480 pixels, so if this is used, your face should take up most of the frame. Settings can be adjusted to meet the 500-pixel requirement.

Option 2: Conventional Camera

If you don’t have a digital camera, you can have your photo taken with a standard camera. Make sure the shot is a close-up so your entire face can be seen.

When you have the film developed, ask the lab to burn all of the images to a compact disc (CD) so you have digital versions. You can then upload photos from the CD to Stellure.

If you already have a photo in print form, it will need to be scanned and then uploaded. You can do this with a home scanner or take it to a photo lab, where technicians will create the scan and burn it to a CD.

Strike a Pose!

The quality of the photo you send to Stellure will affect how your 3D model looks. Don’t send your driver’s license or passport photos! (Have you ever seen a good one? Eva Herzigova probably doesn’t even like hers.) You undoubtedly resemble one of the fugitives on the FBI’s 10 Most-Wanted List.

For best results, apply your makeup, as you normally wear it. Your 3D model will be wearing the same exact makeup, so be sure you like your look.

Pull or pin your hair back so it’s off your face—including your forehead. You want as little hair as possible to show. Pin bangs, stragglers and flyaway hairs with bobby pins for a clean image. Remove your glasses or sunglasses. If using a conventional camera, make sure the photographer is shooting with color film.

Regardless of whether the camera is digital or conventional, remind the photographer that your entire face needs to be in the frame. Choose a neutral, light-colored background (a blank wall is ideal) so there is nothing to compete with your face.
Photos should be taken indoors, with a flash attachment. If not, the photo will be too dark. The photographer should stand at least 30 inches away from you. Do not face the sun or a bright light when the photo is being taken, or there will be unwanted reflections on your face.

When you pose for your photo, face the camera head-on. Stand up straight; don’t slouch. The underside of your nose must been seen in the photo, so look just above the camera when your picture is being taken (as opposed to straight into the lens).

Make sure your mouth is closed in all photos. Smile (with a closed mouth).

Once the headshot is completed, have the photographer repeat the process for a profile photo. Stellure needs two images—front and side shots—in order to complete your model.

As obvious as this may seem, make sure you really like the photos you send. If you don’t like your pictures, you’re not going to be happy with your model.

Double Vision

If you’ve never had a professional photo taken, you can use your Stellure membership as an excellent reason to do so. And if you happen to need a professional headshot for business purposes, your company may even foot the bill!

Have your makeup done professionally, and then let the photographer conduct the photo shoot. Once he’s done, pin back your hair, as per the guidelines listed above, and ask him to shoot additional photos against a stark wall. Professional photographers have all of the right lighting equipment, so you’re guaranteed a clean, composed image.

Another creative alternative: If your boyfriend’s or husband’s birthday is coming up, make an appointment at a studio that specializes in glamour portraits, and have your photo taken. Let them know, in advance, that you need additional shots that meet Stellure’s requirements. The extra charge should be nominal.

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