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Virtual Hairstyles

If you have naturally curly hair—or if you plan to perm—identify your curl type and use to select a styling game plan.

Michelle Breyer and Gretchen Heber are journalists who, by their own admission, would “sit and obsess” about their naturally curly hair.

Michelle’s hair is long and coarse, with lots of ringlets, and her greatest challenge is “creating curl formation.” When she was a child, her mother would cut her hair into a dreadful pixie—an act Michelle considered child abuse.

Gretchen’s hair is “mostly big, willy-nilly-go-everywhere curls,” and she’s an experienced frizz fighter. She grew up trying to straighten her hair into Farrah Fawcett-style waves, with a center part. In incredibly foggy Humboldt County, California, her hair had other ideas.

Michelle and Gretchen are now the proud mamas of, an educational

website that allows fellow curly girls to celebrate—and commiserate over—their curlihood. They also showcase naturally curly celebrities like Judging Amy star Amy Brenneman, singer Kelis, superstar Nicole Kidman and American Idol winner Fantasia.

“We have a number of favorites,” Michelle says. “We love Bernadette Peters because she was one of the first stars who let her curls do their thing. Some of our other favorites include Sarah Jessica Parker, Julia Roberts and Andie McDowall, who were some of the first women who showed that curly hair could be sexy and desirable. Right now, we’re loving Halle Berry with her long flowing ringlets.”

Celebrity photos are a tremendous resource if you’re looking for new ways to style your hair—but how do you know a certain style will work for you?

Stellure can come to your rescue! Once you see a style you like, log onto to determine whether it will look flattering on you. Two membership options are available:

  • With Stellure’s “Figure Membership,” you can use the online face shape wizard to create a three-dimensional model with features similar to yours. You can then apply new hairstyles with the click of a mouse and view your curly ’do from all sides—a 360° preview.

  • With the deluxe “Reflect Membership,” you can upload a photo of yourself, which Stellure will use to create a 3D personalized model of your face. You can then see exactly how a curly hairstyle will look on you.

With either membership plan, there are thousands of curly styles to choose from: long and loose, medium-length bobs, wavy crops, elegant updos and ponytail variations, to name just a few.

When using to select a curly hairstyle, first take into account the type of curl you have. Curls generally fall into three basic categories, according to Lorraine Massey, founder and co-owner of Devachan, a salon and spa in New York City, and author of Curly Girl: More Than Just Hair…It’s an Attitude:

  • Corkscrew curls are tightly wound, with small coils. Hair tends to be dry and frizzy, often accompanied by dry skin overall. Curls often refuse to lie flat; they stand out from the head and snarl easily. Celebrities with corkscrew curls include Julianna Margulies and Gloria Reuben, both formerly of ER, and Keri Russell of Felicity fame.

  • Boticelli curls generally vary in size and are “S” shaped. Unlike corkscrew curls, they will cooperate and fall vertically, without sticking out. Hair texture is generally medium to fine, but hair may be brittle. Famous celebs with Boticelli curls include Julia Roberts, Nicole Kidman and Sarah Jessica Parker.

  • Wavy curls are the loosest curls—more wave than curl. They become frizzy when the weather turns humid, and hair tends to lie flat along the crown. Many women think of this type of curl as “in-between” hair—neither straight, nor curly—and will spend money on chemical straightening or blow-dry at home each day to straighten their locks.

Once you pinpoint your curl type and select a style that accommodates it, print out a photo for your hairstylist, who can recreate the look. After your hair is cut or permed, be sure to condition regularly, as curly hair is thirsty hair.

“Deep conditioning, on a regular basis, is key,” Michelle says. “Gretchen and I are both fans of a hair oil treatment that you leave in overnight. Clarify occasionally to remove buildup, which can dull the hair.”

Take the risk out of choosing your curly or permed hair style by becoming a Stellure member and using the world's only 3D hair visualization software.

Go to the Stellure website:

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