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Prom Hairstyles

Match your prom hairstyle to the dress you’ll be wearing, but ditch the glass slippers.

Find A Beautiful Hairstyle For Prom Night
It’s finally here—the magical night you’ve been waiting for!
While every teenager is excited at the thought of prom night, it’s also normal to be nervous about this celebrated rite of passage. Questions abound: What dress will you wear? How will you style your hair? What about your makeup? Will your skin break out the night before? Will your parents embarrass you in front of your date?

Proms can also be expensive. In fact, some teens spend more on their hair than any other wardrobe element, heading to the salon for a Cinderella-worthy look. But even if you’re on a tight budget, don’t fret. You can adopt a do-it-yourself approach once you have a basic concept of what you want. Some girls are even hosting pre-prom parties, where friends gather to help each other with hair, makeup and nails.

So, how do you decide which hairstyle is right for you? Choose your mood, based on the style of the dress you’ll be wearing. (Always decide on hairstyle after you have purchased your dress.) You can’t go wrong with a classic “little black dress,” an ethereal sheath dress or a form-fitting, age-appropriate gown. Avoid the Scarlett O’Hara look at all costs—even if you live in the South.

  • For the “I’m a Move Star” look, wear your hair loose, in soft, flowing curls created with the help of hot rollers. You may want to add hair jewels or other accessories, but keep things simple and elegant.

  • For the “I’m Totally Hot” look, wear your hair straight and sleek. Use an anti-frizz gloss or pomade. Be careful if the weather calls for rain, as any natural curl will go into overdrive.

  • For the “I’m A Rock Star” look, use gel to create spikes or twists. You can even create a variation on the traditional updo, with twists or spikes that tilt north.

  • For the “I’m Ready for the Red Carpet” look, pull your hair into a high ponytail, fastened with a jeweled barrette. You can also roll it into a French twist, tightly secured at the back of your head.

  • For the “I’m Still Innocent” look, try ringlets. Be sure your locks are tame, not messy. Add flowers or a headband to accent your curls.

  • For the “I Feel Like Flirting” look, add hair extensions to change normally short locks into long, flowing tresses. You may also add braids or twists. Teens with curly hair sometimes straighten or color it for prom night.

  • For the “I’m Moving to Paris When I’m 18” look, try a classic French braid, adorned with fresh baby’s breath buds.

The updo has long been the mainstay for proms and other special occasions, and it will never go out of style. You may opt for a classic chignon, with hair pulled into a bun at the nape of your neck, or the Juliet knot, with all of your hair arranged on top of your head. Whichever variation you select, make sure it highlights your best features—gorgeous eyes, full lips or well-defined cheekbones.

For a timeless look, simply pull hair back tightly and add some hair gloss. A clean part—no stragglers, please!—will frame your face. Add the right makeup, a great pair of chandelier earrings and a delicate necklace, and you’re stylin’.

If you want to experiment with color, several products can give you a temporary boost—but be sure to test them a few weeks before your prom to avoid any last-minute surprises. Jazzing, made by Clairol, is available in 18 shades, ranging from coffee bean and jet grape to cherry cola and bold gold. Its vibrant color (choose temporary or semi-permanent) is applied from a tube. If you want something funkier (we’re talking magenta, orange flame, jet black or green grass), look for Punky Colour Temp’ry Styler, made by Jerome Russell. Apply it to dry hair for extreme streaks. The more you use, the wilder your hair will look.

Above all, select a dress, accessories and hairstyle that make you feel comfortable—your best “you.” If you feel insecure about any element, it’s time to revisit your plans. Follow your instincts: If in doubt, toss it out.

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